1. Perth, 2014. Education funding cuts protest.


  2. Some of the contents of a plastic box in the Hewetts Hill hut on the Bibbulman Track, August 17, 2014.


  3. Near Kalamunda, Western Australia. 2014


  4. Northbridge, 2014


  5. ahmedam6 said: Are you live in perth?


    I live in Fremantle, which some people would say is Perth. It’s close enough anyway. Do you live in Perth?


  6. Guilty Simpson and Katalyst at Mojos, North Fremantle, 2014.

    I know almost nothing about hip hop but this was actually a lot of fun.


  7. Kitchen People @ The Bakery August 9, 2014


  8. Perth, Australia. August 2, 2014.


  9. It’s always fun when you’re a recent graduate trying to be a real grown up and you accidentally text professional contacts about feeding left over breast milk from the fridge that your baby hasn’t drunk to your beagles because you’ve run out of dog food, all the while thinking you’re texting your wife.
    — Quote from unknown author

  10. Yokohomos at the Buffalo Club in Fremantle for the Hidden Treasure festival, July 24, 2014.