1. Belfast murals with various messages, 2014. Mostly from East Belfast.


  2. Fremantle, Easter Monday public holiday, 2014.


  3. Stage being constructed in Fremantle’s fishing boat harbour for ‘Acquacoustique’, a French band playing as part of a street performance festival. April 16, 2014.


  4. Derry/Londonderry, Northern Ireland, 2014


  5. New skate park, Fremantle, 2014.


  6. Canal Rocks, Western Australia, 2014. Literally scotch on the rocks.


  7. Self portrait, 2014


  8. Off the side of the road, and over a little hill. Brookton Highway, Western Australia, 2014.


  9. I hit up a solo mini bikepacking trip over two days off. Brookton Highway, Western Australia, 2014. This was on the way out.


  10. Fremantle, 2014. I went up onto the hill because there had been two cruise ships in that day, which I hadn’t seen before, but one had already left. Which makes for a less interesting photo, and a pretty boring story, sorry.