1. Derry/Londonderry, Northern Ireland, 2014


  2. New skate park, Fremantle, 2014.


  3. Canal Rocks, Western Australia, 2014. Literally scotch on the rocks.


  4. Self portrait, 2014


  5. Off the side of the road, and over a little hill. Brookton Highway, Western Australia, 2014.


  6. I hit up a solo mini bikepacking trip over two days off. Brookton Highway, Western Australia, 2014. This was on the way out.


  7. Fremantle, 2014. I went up onto the hill because there had been two cruise ships in that day, which I hadn’t seen before, but one had already left. Which makes for a less interesting photo, and a pretty boring story, sorry.


  8. The Union Jack Shop, Belfast, 2014. (http://www.unionjackshop.com)


  9. Sirocco works, Belfast, 2014.

    Some initial investigation suggests that this site was, at different times, where the majority of the world’s tea drying equipment was manufactured, as well as the first ever air conditioning system (installed in a local hospital), and also the world’s largest rope manufacturing works. It’s due to be developed for residential and retail purposes in the coming years.




  10. Dublin to Newry, 2014