1. Andrew Frazer. Leederville, Western Australia, 2014.


  2. Grill’d opened a shop in Freo tonight and were giving away free burgers. I didn’t really want line up half-way down the block to get one, but they let me in to take some pictures. Fremantle now has as many burger options as you could hope for.


  3. Protest and counter-protest. Opening night of the Israeli Film Festival in Perth, Western Australia. August 28, 2014.


  4. Kuala Lumpur, 2014


  5. Escapades


  6. Perth, 2014. Education funding cuts protest.


  7. Some of the contents of a plastic box in the Hewetts Hill hut on the Bibbulman Track, August 17, 2014.


  8. Near Kalamunda, Western Australia. 2014


  9. Northbridge, 2014


  10. ahmedam6 said: Are you live in perth?


    I live in Fremantle, which some people would say is Perth. It’s close enough anyway. Do you live in Perth?