2. Jesus Died For Your Trash Sculpture by unknown artist. East Fremantle, October 2014.


  3. Perth, 2014.


  4. Happy guy with a Contax G2, Perth, 2014


  5. Anti-Islamophobia rally (and counter-protest), October 18, 2014, Perth CBD.



  7. Perth, 2014


  8. I’m clearing out some olds prints for free/donation. If you are around Perth and like any of these hit me up! They’re all mounted already, so not really postable.


  9. dayvmattt:

    I’ve been pretty quiet on Tumblr lately…

    I’ve been in Gwang-ju a couple of months now and the job market here is pretty rough. I’ve also got this incredible baby to nurture. She’s cool. Since work isn’t panning out the way I had hoped (a job I had fell through), I’m reluctant to open pre-orders for High Street Low Street Colombo simply because I don’t have a salary to fall back on. My fear is that I won’t get enough pre-orders to pay for the printing/mailing and having to refund the people who pre-ordered doesn’t make sense.

    Nevertheless, I really do think my Colombo book is awesome, so I need to keep trying to raise money for it. Tonight I finished making Seoul Supplement, which I am selling for $5. If you purchase Seoul Supplement, you’ll receive a discount code that will provide a $5 saving when I finally get my Colombo book printed.

    I sifted through cd’s, old drives, and a crazy number of zip files. In total, I went through around 15,000 photos to make this ebook.

    If you like my photography, please reblog, tweet, and share. Word of mouth is an awesome thing, and I sure could use a lot of it right now.

     SEOUL SUPPLEMENT: An Appendix to High Street Low Street

    Be cool,


  10. Ocean Drover on fire, October 9, 2014, Fremantle.